PGN ChessBook

PGN ChessBook is a free chess database application and PGN file reader for Windows 10. It can be installed on Windows PC’s, laptops and tablets.

It can be used to create, view and edit “.pgn” chess game database files and analyse chess games using the very strong Stockfish 8 chess engine. See the full features list and user guide for more details.

How to install PGN ChessBook

PGN ChessBook can be installed in two different ways.

Firstly, the program can be installed from its Microsoft store page. You must login to (or create) a Microsoft account to install apps from the Microsoft store.

Secondly, the program can be downloaded and installed from its project page on SourceForge. No login or account is required to install SourceForge apps. Two sample “.pgn” files are included in the SourceForge download folder, these are;

  • “Annotated_Games.pgn” – Containing 80 deeply annotated games.
  • “Kasparovs_Games.pgn” – Containing 1,798 of Kasparov’s games.

See the pgn file downloads page for more sample files.

The developer

The developer of the chess database and PGN reader

I am a software developer and former academic from northern England.
I created the program and this website in my spare time.
I hope you will download and install the application and find it useful.
If you have any problems or comments about the software please contact me

Software license

PGN ChessBook is a free application licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

The program makes use of a compiled executable version of the Stockfish Universal Chess Interface (UCI) engine.
The full source code for this engine
is freely available from GitHub. Stockfish is also licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

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